The Different Options Of Window Graphics

There are many different product options for window graphics. Read this blog post to learn more about the different options that are available to you. Then, contact us and we can help you get the right product for your project.

Before we dive in, you should understand that in this article we assume that your window graphics will be installed “outside facing out”. But if you want to learn about graphics installed on the inside facing outside, then check out this blog post.

There are several important questions you should answer before deciding on a window graphic material:


  • How long will your graphic be displayed?
  • Should your image be in full color or single color?
  • Is it important that light shines through the image so that it is not too dark in the room behind the graphic?
  • How large is your image? Will it need to be paneled?
  • How will you install the graphic? Will you require professional installation?
  • How do you plan to remove the graphic? Will you require professional removal?

Read on to find out the differences between the different window graphic options. Then contact us and we can get your project started.

Window Clings

Window clings are available in clear or in opaque white. These are popular because it is easier to install than adhesive products, they remove cleanly without needing a professional, and they will not leave the residue. If you are conducting a campaign that involves changing out graphics frequently, then this is the product for you.

Adhesive Vinyl

This is the most versatile solution for window graphics. Full-color graphics and shapes can be produced quickly. These require professional installation and removal so plan your project timeline and budget accordingly.

Adhesive Vinyl: Single Color Cut Vinyl

This is most popular for putting names on doors or simple text messages on windows. This can be installed quickly and can be removed without leaving residue but doing so requires a professional graphics installer and a considerable amount of time and effort. The main drawback is that design choices are limited to one color.

Adhesive Vinyl: Perforated Vinyl

This is adhesive vinyl where small holes have been punched into the printing surface so that the viewer can see through the vinyl. However, from a distance, perforated vinyl can appear to be a solid colored surface. While this is most popular in vehicle graphics, sometimes our clients choose to use this so full color graphics can be displayed but light can still enter their place of business. Perforated vinyl tends to be more expensive than standard adhesive vinyl.

Other materials

Other materials, including paper, can be used for your window displays. It all depends on the answers to the questions at the start of this article. Contact us today to learn more and find out what product is best for your project.

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