Why Different Textures and Banner Styles Are Important

Why Different Textures and Banner Styles Are Important

Even if you have the most eye-catching design for your graphics, your dynamic images will not maintain their impact on consumers if the banner styles are all the same. Banners and signs for businesses of any size or category should include different print textures and styles as part of the marketing plan. The public will take notice of the various print textures used in creating banners and signs and they will want to examine the marketing message delivered by the multiple banner styles even further. Different textures and banner styles are important because the public is subject to so much visual stimulation that they can easily start to ignore or not acknowledge banners that all look the same/are created just alike. Use different textures to create interest and entice consumers to engage with the printed materials.

Textures and Styles that Create Eye-Catching Banners and Signs

Popular textures and styles for the creation of engaging banners and signs include:

  • Gradients allow an extra level of creativity thanks to the gradual blending of one color to another. Objects on the banner stand out and a new depth is added to the design for additional realism.
  • Soft-touch coating applications create a velvety, soft texture that draws the attention of the eyes.
  • A more rugged effect is produced by metallic sheens that are shiny and bold. A grit coating gives a coarse appearance. Sandpaper coatings provide a texture that is somewhat rough and edgy in its appearance.
  • Die-cutting gives print pieces unique cutouts for shapes and letters that draw attention to the substrate and nature of the piece.
  • Add depth of field by blurring the background image and then putting it behind the main elements so it drops out of focus for the consumer.

Print Textures that Add a Professional Touch

The printed materials of a company create a professional image in the minds of consumers. Print textures add an extra “something” to banners and signs and get the attention of customers. Different banner styles vary the way the marketing message is delivered to the public while still branding the business in the eyes and minds of consumers. While print textures might not be top of mind to companies working on a marketing strategy, the use of multiple banner styles can make all the difference in the success or failure of banners and signs that promote a business.

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