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Happy 4th of July! Given the holiday, we thought it would be a good time to talk about flags. There are many different ways to specify, order and produce a flag. However, in this blog post, we are going to focus on how to order a digitally printed flag that fits your needs and budget. As always, if you have any questions, then please contact us. Now let’s dive right in…

Flags are more than just rectangles,

Flag is a special fabric that is lightweight and typically finished with hemmed edges. While most of us associate flags with rectangular artwork with two grommets on either side, flag have countless applications and shapes. Wind dancers, teardrop flags, and triangle flags are great marketing tools. Contact us and we can help you find the right flag for your marketing message.

Examples of wind dancers, teardrop flags, and other pole flags

Most digitally printed flags are single-sided

Most flags are produced with a process that involves ink “bleed through”. As a result, ink is only applied to one side of the flag, amounting to a single-sided print. This causes the reserve image to be visible on the back side of the flag at full color. Single-sided flags with full “bleed through” are the most cost-effective flags available and almost always will accomplish your marketing goals.

We are often asked for a double-sided flag…but upon the further conversation, we discover that most of our clients actually want a single sided flag with full “bleed through”. Look closely at the flags you see the next time you are driving around town. You will find that your brain easily reads the words “free coffee” front and back. So, think about what product is the best use of your marketing dollars.

Example of a full “bleed through” image on a single-sided flag

Double-sided flags are for special applications

Double-sided flags are usually for specializing indoor applications when you want your viewer to see distinct images from either side of the flag. Unlike double-sided prints, double-sided flags are often more than double the price of a single-sided flag. This is because two “single-sided” flags need to be produced and then between them, an opaque flexible liner needs to be inserted so that the image of one side does not distort the image on the other side. Then all three of these need to be sewn together. As a result, there is more than double of the material and more than double the labor built into the price of a double-sided flag making them very expensive. Generally speaking, we do not recommend ordering a double-sided flag unless you have a highly specialized application.

Alternatives to flags

Because flags are a specialized fabric product, they tend to be more expensive than paper or PVC based alternatives. It is very important to ask the question if a flag is the best communication tool for your message.
If your image is meant to be hung indoors for a short period of time, then consider some less expensive alternatives like the vinyl banner. There are also inexpensive fabric alternatives that don’t blow as easily in the wind but can still yield a rich, full-color look with a matte finish that does not glare in the sunlight. You can save a lot of money if you consider how your printed image is being used to accomplish your marketing and communications goals.

Other notes

If you plan to order a large number of flags, then you can dramatically reduce the cost of your flags if you are willing to accept a limited number of colors in your artwork and not have your artwork “bleed” to the edges of the flag. This allows you to screen print the flags which are cheaper and sometimes faster than digitally printing your flags.

Contact us today and find out how we can get you a flag that fits your marketing goals and budget.

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