What Is Falconboard

Falconboard is a cardboard alternative to foamboard and Gatorboard.  While several different widths are available, the most common thickness is 3/16″.  Falconboard has a white printing surface so you can print true-to-color images on the board unlike most other cardboard surfaces.

Falconboard is a great media to convey your stewardship for the environment to your clients.  The material is completely recyclable and it is approved for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®  certified sourcing label indicating renewable virgin and post-consumer recycled fibers.

Falconboard is a quite strong.  The corrugated center allows it to be used for point of purchase structures.  The material can be used to create temporary tables, chairs, and display shelving units that are relatively easy to assemble at your point of purchase.

Contact us today and learn how you can use Falconboard in your next project.  Or check our our Guide to Rigid Materials for Signs and Displays to learn more about your options for creating your next sign or poster.

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