Coroplast – ideal for yard signs…and so much more!

Coroplast (also known as corrugated plastic) is an excellent material for yard signs, political signs, real estate signs, construction signs, and other outdoor signage.  This is an inexpensive material to print on and it is possible to print directly to the surface using flatbed printing or to print to the material and mount an adhesive material on it.  If somebody is talking about yard signs, then they are talking about coroplast.

One of the best qualities of coroplast is the corrugated nature of the material allows for flutes in the material.  So, a metal H stake can easily be inserted into the flutes to make an inexpensive, self-standing, outdoor sign.

If you are planning on using your corrugated plastic sign in this way, then be sure to let your printer know so that the flutes are oriented correctly.

If you are going to use your coroplast sign outdoors for an extended period, then consider getting a laminate over the printed surface.  This will help protect the sign against the outdoors elements so you can reuse the sign over and over.

Coroplast is most commonly stocked in 4mm thickness.  However other thicknesses are available.  Sometimes 10mm thickness is ideal for applications that require a thicker substrate.  Contact us today to get started on your project.

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