How To Get Trade Show Displays To Stand Out At Conferences

How To Get Trade Show Displays To Stand Out At Conferences

Trade show displays are a great way to showcase your services. However, it is not always easy to stand out in a sea of graphics. Research shows that a trade show exhibitor has three seconds to communicate the key branding message to those passing by the display. This short time to communicate your message makes event graphics that get attention a priority for any business. In addition, samples of your product (if possible) are great to handout to customers. While a pool company can’t hand someone a new pool to carry to their backyard, companies that specialize in can coolers, golf balls and other smaller items can send people home with samples of their product to enjoy. These easy to hand out items can be branded and are an inviting part of trade show displays.

Trade Show Graphics Tips

When it’s time to design and produce trade show graphics, here are some helpful tips for you:

  • Color is your friend – Colorful event graphics capture the attention of those looking at the various trade show displays. Colorful displays stand out more than a single color display that blends into the background.
  • Look up – People will notice trade show displays from a distance. Think about what you want people to see when they are across the floor from your display. Avoid putting important event graphics at floor level. Elements that are higher, and viewed from a distance, should be the ones that are designed to get attention.
  • Company branding – A trade show display is a chance to brand a business to new customers and those familiar with your brand. Take advantage of this branding opportunity to showcase your marketing message.

Event Graphics Have A Massive Impact On Your Success

Event graphics play a major part in the success of your company. They serve as an extension of your marketing efforts and draw attention to your trade show displays. Use brand related images for your trade show graphics to visually tell the story of your company. Plus, they encourage people to visit your booth and learn more about your services. Event graphics should be easy to understand, as well as easy to process, because you will have competition for the attention of consumers at an event. Don’t overwhelm them with graphics that are cluttered and hard to understand.

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