Di-bond, and E-panel and other Aluminum Composites

Sometimes called aluminum composites, Di-bond and E-panel are brand names for similar products that are constructed using a plastic-based filling between two thin sheets of an aluminum product that has been specifically prepared for printing.  This creates a rigid board that can stand easily on its own.

The main advantage to this material is that is it actually lighter, but more rigid than solid aluminum.  And just like aluminum, it can be used outdoors.

It is available in several different thicknesses; however, we usually recommend 3mm thickness.  At this gauge, the material easily stands on its own, and the rigid nature of the material allows for us to cut out highly detailed and intricate shapes that that otherwise could not be cut from aluminum.

Printing directly on a brushed aluminum (or sometimes called uncoated, unpainted, or bare aluminum) yields truly stunning images.  This highly versatile material is available in any size (or shape!) up to 4’ x 8’ in size.  Contact us to get your project started with the right materials!

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